Seasoned Consulting provides technical knowledge and consulting services to New Zealand’s Plant and Food Sector; includes local businesses, research providers and Government Agencies. Working together with New Zealand’s food industries, our focus is on positive impact driven by significant hands-on industry experience, deep sector knowledge and leading technology background.  

Our services include:

  Project Management – from inception to completion, people management, logistics and operational planning, proof of concept and small pilot studies
Technology Assessments – scope, recommend and tailor various technology processes (including mobile technologies and apps) designed to integrate with your business workflow
Strategic Planning – includes business, operational and transformational planning focussed around your people, processes and technologies
Research and Development Grant Applications – source local/international grants to suit your research goals, write and submit funding applications, provide independent professional editing services
Important Documentation – scientific papers, milestone reports, website authoring, annual reports, public statements, event management materials
Beyond New Zealand – our local and Australian-based networks ensure our insights are always relevant and regionally focussed to your needs